For Athletes

Unlock the power of your mind to unlock your greatest potential as an athlete and a competitor.

How the pX Training System™ Works

sealThe typical full-length program takes 3 months. After an initial interview with you to fully understand your insights, observations, and desired outcome, PerformanceXtra designs your program.  All programs teach the foundational knowledge for improving mental strength.  These foundations include routines, rituals and self-evaluation. There are specific tools for tracking activities, and for accountability.  Each week’s session builds on the skills of the previous weeks. The routines and habits learned through the pX Training System will stay with you for life.


To achieve your athletic goals, you need to master the techniques of mental toughness


You have worked hard to develop the physical strength, stamina and skill you need to be a great athlete but have you left something out of the equation?  If you haven’t yet developed mental skills and toughness, you may never achieve the level of play you aspire to.

PerformanceXtra offers the pX Training System, a 3 month mental toughness program for athletes. We custom design a program focused on your particular goals and strengths so that you can reach your highest potential as a competitor.

This is not a program for everybody. If you’re not comfortable with high accountability or you lack the follow through to retrain your mind in a new way of thinking and reacting, then you are not ready to tackle this step in becoming a more consistently high performing athlete.

But, if you are ready, PerformanceXtra will give you the individual attention along with a powerful set of tools and routines that will change how you play your game forever.

  • Find your true motivation
  • Develop your focus and concentration
  • Learn how to turn your strengths into super-strengths
  • See how your self-talk can help or hurt your performance
  • Discover how NOT to sabotage yourself with negative body language
  • Uncover the great competitor within yourself


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