Brian Lomax

MP900405218PerformanceXtra™ was founded in 2009 by Brian Lomax.  Our vision is to help our clients realize their performance potential by focusing on the mental game and providing a framework for success.  Everyone has the possibility of being a great competitor and with PerformanceXtra™, you can begin to explore those possibilities.

The PerformanceXtra™ Difference

PerformanceXtra was born out of the need for solid coaching in the area of mental performance.  So much of what is taught today focuses on the technical aspects of the game, and while that is important, the mental game is what determines winning and losing.  We are here to help players realize their peak performance by tapping into the power of their own minds and giving them a framework for success.

Brian Lomax

Brian Lomax has been playing tennis for over 35 years and has been ranked in various divisions in New England and at the National level.  He has always been a student of the mental game and in 2003 he began to transform his approach to the sport.  This transformation helped Brian reach new heights in his performances and achieve career high rankings both in New England and Nationally.

Brian founded PerformanceXtra in 2009 with a mission of helping athletes achieve their goals and their top performances more consistently through a progression of mental skills that enables them to focus on what is truly important.  The PerformanceXtra Program goes beyond just physical practice and it incorporates aspects of sport psychology, positive psychology, character building and leadership skills.  He earned his Master’s in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Positive Coaching from the University of Missouri, and he has been certified in Mental Toughness Training by the Human Performance Institute.  In 2010, Brian left a successful corporate career to pursue PerformanceXtra on a full-time basis, and today he works with individual athletes, teams, and coaches in group sessions as well as privately.

Interviews with Brian

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Significant Achievements

  • Rankings:
    • 2004 – # 1 in New England – Men’s 35s Singles
    • 2005 – # 1 in New England – Men’s 35s Singles, # 9 in US – Men’s 35s Singles
    • 2006 – #2 in US – Men’s 35s Singles
    • 2007 – #92 in ITF World Ranking for Men’s 35s Singles
    • 2013 – #1 in New England – Men’s 45s Singles
    • 2014 – #5 in New England – Men’s 45s Singles
    • 2015 – #4 in New England – Men’s Open Singles, #2 in New England – Men’s 45s Singles
    • 2016 – #1 in New England – Men’s 45s Singles
  • Other:
    • Master’s Ed. in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Positive Coaching – University of Missouri
    • Foundations of Positive Psychology Certificate – University of Pennsylvania
    • BA – Vanderbilt University
    • USPTA Certified
    • 2011 USPTA New England Rookie of the Year
    • 2015 USPTA New England Player of the Year – Men’s Open and Men’s 45s
    • 2019 USPTA New England Regional Pro of the Year
    • Chairperson USPTA New England Sport Psychology Committee
    • Chairperson USTA New England Hall of Fame Committee
    • Mental Toughness Training Certification – Human Performance Institute


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