Success Stories

“I still can’t believe how fast the last four years went! Thank you for everything you helped me with. Because of your training, I gained many skills that not only helped me immensely in volleyball, but that I will use throughout my life!  I had such a wonderful experience at Holy Cross, especially being a student-athlete. Thank you for being a big part of that! You made a great impact on me and continue to do so with many of my teammates.”

Allie Barry – Holy Cross Volleyball

Using Brian Lomax from PerformanceXtra was one of the best additions to our program in years. The impact he had on our athletes is immeasurable.

We have always trained hard in and out of the pool, but now we have the ability to execute our race plans on meet day. Working with Brian has allowed us to step up to the block with confidence and a mentality of we will! All have benefited from visualizing, building a race plan, positive self talk and believing in the process.

He has made our program so much better!”

Katie Cameron – Head Coach, Bryant University Men’s & Women’s Swimming and Diving

Hi Brian,

I just want you to know a couple of things…

First, you have changed the way I look at a tennis match.

And SECOND – YOU are why we did so well last season!

Thank you so much for allowing us to sit in on your meetings and helping with our players.  The value of your work is priceless.  I hope we can work with you again this year – Many thanks!!!

Barbara Cilli – Head Coach, Bryant University Women’s Tennis

“We have always tried to build healthy relationships for our players.  A student athlete’s connection with 1) themselves, 2) their teammates 3) their team/sport 4) their coaches and 5) their parents are critical towards our overall success.

Brian Lomax has been instrumental in helping nurture and expand these relationships.  His presentations are very well prepared and insightful.  He provides mental toughness strategies and concepts for us to achieve our team goals and play our best tennis.  His information is also beneficial to the student’s development in school and life.  The players and coaches always look forward to his classroom and on-court sessions.  He is terrific!”

Nigel Bentley – Head Coach, Boston College Women’s Tennis

“After fulfilling a lifelong dream of owning my own horse, I was surprised to discover that I did not enjoy competing in dressage despite successfully competing in other sports. I was often nervous before a show, sometimes weeks beforehand. The more I competed the less I liked it. Although I still loved my horse, my attitude about competing carried over into practice rides. I doubted if I would ever successfully compete in dressage at any level and worried about the negative impact my attitude could have on my relationship with my horse.  

Last spring I had the opportunity to hear Brian talk about what it means to be a mentally tough competitor. Several of his talking points resonated with me and, more importantly, got me excited about competing. I committed to working with Brian that day.  For the next three months Brian and I explored various aspects of mental toughness. After exploring my strengths and weaknesses, we implemented tools to help further develop my own competitive skills such as daily scorecards, journaling, goal setting and tracking, process-oriented thinking, and identifying my future identity, to name just a few.

As a result of the work I did with Brian my practice rides, lessons, and competitions were more productive, fulfilling, and fun, and I was riding even more because of it.   I was mentally prepared for each show I entered and grateful for the experience — regardless of the outcome.   I use the tools I implemented with Brian each time I ride, and am confident that my riding will continue to improve because of them.”

Patrice Lagrant – Dressage Athlete

“Our daughter is a new player after her time working with Brian.  After a long season of both mental and intellectual struggles, we sought his help and quickly saw significant progress in her management of both the emotional and tactical elements of the game.  She has taken more control of her game and routines allowing her to be more confident and independent.  And, she understands the importance of having fun while performing your best – a sentiment she had lost after so many years of competing.  We’ve seen her more mature and positive outlook spill into her daily life as well.  As a family we can’t be more thrilled with the work she and Brian have put in and look forward to seeing their work pay off in the coming seasons.”

Parent of a Junior Tennis Player

“Working with PerformanceXtra, simply put has been one of the best things to happen to me. I have matured not only as an athlete and competitor, but as a leader and role model. My time with (Brian) has been exceptionally helpful and positive as we have constructed goals, and schedules, as well as formulating reasons for competing that I owe much of my success to this year. Our work focused on the aspect of sports (Mental Stability), that is very much ‘looked over’ but in actuality is the determining factor between good and great athletes. ‘As much as my physical training regimen and conditioning allowed me to find success this year on the football field, the hours I logged with PerformanceXtra has been equally, if not more important.’ PerformanceXtra is the base on which I now stand for my development as a human being and beneficial member of society.”

Foxborough, MA
Mackay Lowrie – Quarterback, Bentley University, Class of 2017

“Dear Brian:

I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into our program this season. It definitely had such a positive impact on our program and especially the members of the team personally.

The season was a difficult one and a hard one to keep the team focused and pushing ahead. ‘The activities that you had them perform not only made them stronger athletes, but constantly reminded them of why they play the game and actually helped the coaches staff plan for the next weeks practices.’ Your insight helped them reach inside and talk about issues that they previously would not be willing to do.

Also the interactive lessons allowed them to speak out about issues affecting their and the teams play publicly without individuals feelings being hurt. The reaction of the team to your time with them was overwhelmingly positive and something we would love to be able to do in the future. Thank you again and continued success…”

Bryant University, Smithfield RI
Theresa Garlacy – Head Coach Women’s Volleyball

“We invited Brian to speak with the Vassar Men’s Tennis team as we thought it would be a valuable opportunity for us to hear a mental toughness expert speak. Because of Brian’s expertise in tennis, it was great to hear his perspective as it pertained to mental toughness and the mindset of a great competitor. While we have done a lot of thinking on being mentally tough and what that exactly means, Brian used a framework that will help the team re-evaluate how they approach tennis matches. Each player of the team will improve because of the session, and I encourage others to reach out to Brian for his mentorship.”

Alex Wong – Vassar College Men’s Tennis Coach

Brian Lomax of PerformanceXtra came to UMass Dartmouth and spoke with my players on mental skills training in tennis. His passion and enthusiasm for teaching people to be more confident and successful is second to none and really catches the attention of his audience. Brian is one of the best coaches in sports for mental conditioning and I believe his strategies can be used outside of sports as well.

When Brian came to UMass Dartmouth, he took a professional manner to the job and truly left an impact on me and my team. He’s a special person whose communication skills are impressive and engaging. He touched upon certain situations in tennis where mental issues come into play – things like confidence, toughness, awareness, and ability to persevere. One thing that stood out to me was his message about losing. As competitors, we hate to lose, but a person’s mentality after the loss is what’s most important. A loss is only a true loss if you don’t learn anything from it, and Brian really honed in on that message.

To this day, my players and I still use Brian’s techniques and strategies on and off the tennis court. His presence still remains in our thoughts and he is remembered for the right reasons. I would recommend Brian Lomax and his PerformanceXtra program to anyone who wants to learn about mental skills training.

University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth
Karsten Rathlev – Men’s Tennis Coach

“This past fall I emailed Brian concerning my son. In that letter I told Brian this story. My son is a talented tennis player. He has been involved in many tennis camps, lessons, and clinics. In each of these situations, he has excelled. At a camp he attended in Florida, he was given his own pro on a daily basis to work exclusively with him. His tennis promise in these situations was impressive. The frustration began with his participation in tournaments. He would become angry, a poor sport, and sadly, lacked confidence. It was difficult to watch someone so talented fall apart on the court. PerformanceXtra and it’s emphasis on mental toughness was exactly what he needed. ‘Since working with Brian, I am proud to see my son evolve into a confident, strong  individual and tennis player.’ It has been a tough road, but with a lot of hard work my son is learning the joy of competing, win or lose. I really like Brian’s emphasis on gratitude for the opportunity to compete. A really nice sideline to this training is my son’s positive approach to other aspects in life. I’ve noticed lately that he thanks me often for making dinner, Gratitude? Yes! Thank you, Brian!”

Nashua, NH
Lee Ann Kluger – Parent

“Brian Lomax has worked with the Regis College men’s and women’s tennis teams on three occasions to help our players understand the mental aspects of competing and to improve these skills in their matches.  Brian has employed both classroom sessions and on-court training to deliver these concepts.  The fact that Brian continues to compete at a high level and thus personally faces the psychological issues himself is a significant advantage that he brings to his work.

I have been impressed with how well Brian organizes the information on mental toughness and presents it to his audience.  He has had excellent rapport with our players, both women and men.  Brian provides an excellent academic discussion of the psychological elements of competing.  Additionally, he is also able to convert the concepts into simple and very practical techniques that each player can adopt to deal with the stress of playing matches.”

Regis College, Weston, MA
John Ciarleglio – Head Coach of Men’s & Women’s Tennis

“Brian was really able to get my college squash athletes to think and start applying mental training to their game. Strengths and Identity have become household words around the courts now. The athletes were able to walk away with tools to utilize in their matchplay and training. As a coach, I have refocused a lot of my energy toward many of the ideas presented in his seminar. ‘Conn College Squash is a better team because of the experience with PerformanceXtra.’

Connecticut College
Chris O’Brien – Squash & Tennis Coach

“Brian Lomax and his entire concept of PerformanceXtra have made an incredible impact on my daughter’s tennis game. She had worked diligently to develop impeccable strokes and great physical conditioning, but there was something intangible that was missing from her game. In a painfully recurrent fashion, she would lose to weaker opponents in tournament after tournament. The harder she worked, the more bitter were her disappointments under match conditions.

Brian introduced her to the fascinating world of sports psychology as it applies to the preparation, motivation, dedication, and performance under pressure that are all required to become a truly successful tennis player, student, and young adult. Brian’s all important “skull sessions” have given her the tools to link all of her dedicated physical training with the ongoing process of learning how to mentally prepare for a match, critically analyze her performance, and then apply that knowledge towards improvement for the future.

Brian’s own skill and expertise on the tennis court provides his student with the ultimate opportunity to experience theory and practice coming together. Watching Brian hit is truly witnessing a tennis player who is “in the flow” with his movement, consistency and enthusiasm demonstrating how much he loves the game of tennis. Any aspect of life that requires hard work, dedication, and the crucial ability to be able to consistently deal with both success and adversity, will directly apply to what is learned on the tennis court and at the blackboard with Brian.

Most importantly, Brian has made competitive tennis and all of the arduous training that it requires fun for our daughter. Her own mind set has changed dramatically. ‘The stress of competition is now tempered by a very healthy ability to analyze her performance and assess whether she attained the individual goals she had set for herself on any given day, not just the final score of the match.’ The defeats still sting, but even the toughest loss serves as a focal point for improvement in next week’s training sessions. Her victories are much more appreciated as she sees them as building blocks in the part of an ongoing process that will continue to evolve with guaranteed ups and downs, as are all of life’s challenges.

Speaking as a totally biased and grateful father, I truly believe that any parent who wants their child to develop a solid foundation in not only understanding, but learning to love the process of pursuing their dreams in a very competitive world, will want to have Brian Lomax as a key part of that foundation.”

Holden, MA
David Lyons – Parent

“I have known Brian Lomax for several years as both a competitor, and as a person that I respected in the game of tennis and in general. Several years ago, Brian and I met at a local Starbucks to talk about what he does with PerformanceXtra and how he approaches working with people to improve in their sport, and in their life. For me that sport was tennis. At the time, I was not ready to commit to working on improving further in my tennis.

As a 40 something year old player with a USPTA certification, I finally realized, that I could improve if I wanted it, but why would I want to, or why would it matter, and who would it serve other than me with blind motivation with no purpose in my sport. That is when I hired Brian to work with me. Not to say it was easy to hire someone who occasionally competes with and against me in somewhat overlapping channels to help me improve was at first odd, but something I truly am glad I did. Since hiring Brian to help me with the mental toughness part of the game for the sport of tennis I have developed a new set of goals tied to improvement in not only my game, but my life. As a result, I have achieved improvement on so many levels and have competed in events that I would not have done if it wasn’t for his rigorous, accountable, tough but fair approach to this process. It isn’t about the wins and losses, but the improvement and experience of development that makes the biggest difference.

I am writing this on my plane trip to go out and compete in my 1st National Tournament ever in my life. Without Brian’s guidance on goal setting for my sport and effort, I would not have done this or even considered it a possibility or set out to do it. Mental toughness is something that I have been good at, but could certainly be better for my #1 sport and is still a work in progress. I have worked with many coaches in business, and in life, and I can only say that hiring Brian and PerformanceXtra has given me a new agenda and insight for my tennis improvement on the mental side and a fresh outlook. Additionally as President of the Worcester Tennis Club, and being around the game and having taught students myself, I have seen Brian’s efforts impact others – and not just in tennis. If you want to excel in your sport, or in your business, hiring Brian and PerformanceXtra will make a world of difference.”

Upton, MA
John Wilcox – #3 in New England in Men’s 45s Singles 2012

“I consulted with Brian before a big match against a difficult opponent, and what he offered was a great deal of self-knowledge. Using his concepts, ‘I learned more about my own game, and how to implement it under adverse conditions, and against superior strength.’ His ideas are intuitive, flexible, and practical.”

Joe Barbarie – Tennis Player

“I was a reluctant student when I first started working with Brian. But, my teaching pro kept insisting that I give Brian and PerformanceXtra a try. My only regret is that I didn’t listen sooner!! Working with Brian has completely re-energized my tennis game and boosted my confidence. On-court, Brian is a fantastic coach (refining and improving my strokes). But even more importantly, the mental strategies and tips for staying focused and intense throughout a match have been invaluable. ‘Brian has helped me clarify my goals and develop a plan for achieving them.’ I have not been this excited about tennis in a very long time!”

Mendon, MA
Carolyn W – 4.5 Rated Tennis Player

“Having struggled with the mental aspect of my tennis game since I was a kid I just accepted that as a part of who I was. ‘Just talking with Brian at our first meeting gave me a different perspective of my tennis game and me as an individual player.’ Brian helped me define myself as a tennis player. He emphasized my strengths as well as pointed out things that I could work on during social matches and clinics to make me a better player.”

Northboro, MA
Kirsten F – 4.5 Rated Tennis Player

“I met Brian Lomax at a point when, despite my advanced level of play, I had grown extremely frustrated with my tennis game and myself for not being able to fix it. It wasn’t that I was losing matches, the problem was that I was defeating myself before my opponent had the chance – sometimes before we even stepped out on the court. Rather than consider the possibility that my mindset and mental toughness were obvious weaknesses, I increased my focus on tennis technique, which wasn’t helping.

Brian happened to watch me play a match six months ago and approached me with the suggestion that I consider working with him to improve my mental toughness. I agreed when he told me that he had faced similar challenges to mine, and there was a solution that he himself had used. We followed up with a number of lengthy discussions during which he took the time to patiently listen to details about my personality, my tennis game in general, and I how I prepare for matches. During this process, I came to regard Brian not only as my coach, but as a friend and a genuine supporter. Brian worked closely with me to create a long term strategy based on achievable goals, and a game plan for each match I played. ‘He helped me identify my core strengths, and redefined my metrics for success during matches.

Equipped with the tools Brian gave me, within two months, I began to play better than I’ve ever played, and I began to win tournament matches.’ I’ve since reached the finals of the last two tournaments I’ve played. I feel excited and energized because Brian has helped me tap into the potential I knew I had in me, but couldn’t reach myself. If you’ve come to the realization that you need help to fortify your mental toughness, whether for casual or competitive play, I couldn’t recommend Brian Lomax more.”

Shrewsbury, MA
Tim Desai – 4.5 Rated Tennis Player

“I’ve been working with Brian for 9 months, and the growth in my mental approach to the game has been amazing. Brian’s really helped me to understand how my mind can be as effective on-court as a powerful forehand, or as much of a liability as poor footwork. There are clear and incredibly useful ways to manage the game before, during and after a match, and PerformanceXtra has done some fantastic work in developing a “Best of Breed” tool set that is easy to understand and then employ on the court. Personally, ‘it’s my goal to become a complete player, and one that can win matches not only with my strokes, but with my mind as well’, whether or not I’m hitting the ball great on any given day. With Brian’s help I’m very confident I’m well on my way in developing into that type of complete player.”

Acton, MA
Gregg A – 4.0 Rated Tennis Player

“Brian Lomax was extremely professional and creative in his approach to enhancing my tennis game. ‘Brian gave me the tools that I need to take my game to the next level.’ Whether you are a USTA team or a high school team or you are looking to just become a better player of any sport, this program is for you. Brian’s teaching style and course content can apply to so many sports and succeeding in whatever it is you want to do. I will definitely recommend Brian to anyone who wants to improve.”

Rachel Hauer

“I attended Brian’s PerformanceXtra Team Program. Brian was great at relating to many different players. He taught me to build an identity, and to work to improve my strengths. The program was fun and very informative and helpful. ‘I recommend it to athletes of all levels. Great tips on ways to focus and prepare for a match.’ I couldn’t wait to get back on the court after taking the class!”

Rich Douglass

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