The Mentally Tough Competitor

Mindsets and Perspectives to Achieve Excellence

Anyone can be an athlete, but not everyone is a great competitor. Mentally tough competitors are the ones who stand out in the big moments and come through in the clutch.

They know how to compete, and the ability to compete is a mental game. It’s time to become mentally tough.

Nerves, anger, fear, pressure, challenges, and failure are issues that all athletes face in competition. To become a mentally tough competitor, athletes must learn and adopt the mindsets of the world’s best.


In The Mentally Tough Competitor, Brian Lomax explains the perspectives of great competitors and tells you how to adopt these mindsets in your own life. The book includes perspectives on:

  • The Competitive Mindset
  • Competing & Performance
  • Focus & Confidence

As you navigate your journey toward becoming a great competitor, the perspectives presented in this book will be your constant companion.

They will become the foundation of your unbreakable mental game.

This book will help you overcome self-limiting beliefs and change your competitive career forever!

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