Talk on Mental Toughness

posted on: April 24, 2012
author: Brian Lomax

On March 27th, I was the guest speaker at the Wellesley Rotary Club in Wellesley, MA and I gave a talk on Mental Toughness – what I think it is and a bit on my own personal journey of discovery in this area.  Video of the speech appears below courtesy of Wellesley Media.  The video is about 30 minutes in length so if you have the time, please watch and let me know what you think about it in the Comments section.

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About the Author

Brian Lomax founded PerformanceXtra™ in 2009 with a mission of helping athletes achieve their goals and their top performances more consistently through a progression of mental skills that enables them to focus on what is truly important.

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2 responses to “Talk on Mental Toughness”

  1. Leo Power says:


    Awesome speech / presentation.
    I really enjoyed it. It appears your vision is taking off and I wish u much success. Let’s get together soon and best of luck,


  2. Hi Brian,

    Thank you for sending me your presentation! That was the best investment of time I have had in a very long time! Wonderful vision and perspective and so much to offer everyone to actualize their full potential in virtually every aspect of their professional and personal lives!!
    This is a “must listen” for everyone I am coaching!!

    Danny Shipman

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