Episode 7: Understand And Follow The Process

posted on: January 16, 2020
author: Brian Lomax

Boxer with arms raisedIn this episode of the PerformanceXtra podcast, I discuss the details of the process of performance, how to focus on it, and how to understand it better. You can sum it up with the phrase, “focus on the process.”

Understanding the process more thoroughly and following it more consistently can help us improve our game.  By breaking focus down into the little things that we can control in the present moment, we can create more consistent performances.  That’s what we all want.

A couple of things that were mentioned in this episode:

  • Link to the blog post on staying in the present moment.  This is a key concept for optimal performance.
  • If you’re interested in reviewing the details of the process of tennis performance that I drafted, you can download this PDF file: Process of Tennis Performance.  This is not necessarily comprehensive, but it can give you some ideas of things to focus on in your game.  Feel free to send me suggestions for additions.


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Brian Lomax founded PerformanceXtra™ in 2009 with a mission of helping athletes achieve their goals and their top performances more consistently through a progression of mental skills that enables them to focus on what is truly important.

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